Junior Chemical Technologist/Technician

Edmonton, AB

Posting Closes: February 9, 2019

An exciting opportunity exists in our Edmonton research facility for an energetic and committed Chemical Technologist/Technician. The successful candidate will support laboratory operations, industrial research projects and experiments for clients in various industries such as oil, energy, natural resources, and defense, among many others.


 Responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining a safe, organized and efficient analytical lab space and operations
  • Setup and operation of:
    • Analytical and measurement equipment such as rheometers, pH and conductivity meters, moisture analyzers, gas chromatography, KF titration, analytical balances, centrifuges, vacuum extraction, X-ray diffraction, etc.
    • Analytical testing, experimental setups and related lab infrastructure
    • Wet chemistry bench procedures and diagnostics
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Conducting accurate data collection and analyses
  • Compiling and maintaining well-organized data reporting (lab books, reports, photos, etc.​)
  • Working closely with project managers and research scientists to execute projects accurately and on time


Skills and Experience:

  • Operating and maintaining sensitive analytical lab equipment & instrumentation
  • Knowledge of chemical lab techniques
  • Working safely in a lab environment, following procedures & regulations
  • Data analysis experience using Excel, Matlab and/or Origin is an asset


Additional valuable assets:

  • Experience with:
    • Process equipment such as meters, pumps, pumping systems, compressors, valves, etc.
    • High pressure systems & gas cylinders
    • Fabrication and machining, industrial pipe and tube fitting
  • Laboratory/Industrial environment experience
  • Data acquisition and control instrumentation
  • Hands-on experience with mechanical systems, process equipment, instrumentation and wiring, lab setup, power and hand tools, etc.
  • Design, fabrication, and assembly of custom components
  • Photography, lighting, and camera set-up experience

Projects will be based mainly out of our industrial laboratory facility in Edmonton. However, there are also potential opportunities for field work and assignments to our Burnaby office based on project requirements. The candidate must also thrive in a team oriented environment, as well as work well independently.


Qualification Requirements:

  • 2-year Diploma in Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Technology or equivalent
  • 0-5 years of experience with analytical equipment, procedures and lab techniques
  • Recent grads welcomed
  • Excellent written and communication skills, fluency in written and spoken English
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada