William McCaffrey Ph.D., P.Eng.



After graduating from McGill University, where he attained his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, Dr. McCaffrey joined the ranks of the University of Alberta’s Faculty where he remains a project leader with the Centre for Oil Sands Innovation (COSI), alongside his professorial duties. He has been overseeing oil sands research projects focused on the pre-treatment of bitumen as well as solvent-assisted extraction by cracking, single-pass low-cost catalyst solvent generation, and contaminant adsorption.

His main research interests centre around reaction engineering and biochemical engineering of complex multiphase systems typically found across the petrochemical industry such as bitumen upgrading, recycling of polymers by reactive distillation, molecular modelling, biosurfactants, and the reaction mechanisms of thermolysis of polymers.

William joined Coanda in 2017 while on sabbatical leave from the University of Alberta, providing technical direction and support on both mathematical and physical modelling projects.