Posted on March 16, 2021

Biofuel test in an Autoclave

Biofuels are fuels derived from living matter or biomass. Examples of biofuels include biodiesel and ethanol. Plant based biofuels come from renewable sources and have lower carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels, on a life cycle basis. However, some sources can be quite expensive to produce, with large quantities of water required in some cases. The ultimate goal is to rely on biomass which is not fungible as a food source for human consumption.

The efficient production of biofuels is critical to their growth in our economy. Coanda’s capabilities and expertise in process engineering, complex fluid flow analysis and process scale up are well suited to support our clients with the development, optimization and implementation of new and existing process in the production of Biofuels.

In recent years Coanda has been working with clients on the many challenges associated with integrating biomass feedstocks into the existing energy infrastructure. Our scientists and engineers are well versed in the areas of chemistry, biology, engineering, and physics governing that must be tackled in decarbonizing the liquid fuel mix.

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