Coanda Headquarters in Burnaby BC

Coanda’s headquarters in Burnaby, BC

In March 2020, we relocated our Burnaby operations for the second time since our incorporation in 1995.

Our built-for-purpose headquarters is situated in the Glenlyon Business Park along the shores of the Fraser River at the southern end of Burnaby. Visit our contact page for full address and directions.

Photo Tour

Our 70,000 square foot facility consists of 4 key spaces:

  • Open plan office space across two floors
  • Customizable “Main laboratory” space with supporting pieces of infrastructure
  • Analytical laboratory (“A Lab”), outfitted with a number of key instruments
  • Workshop and warehouse


Our open plan office space features:

  • Numerous conference meeting, huddle, focus and telephone rooms
  • A dedicated electronics development lab
  • A large multipurpose lunch room / auditorium, a gym and a wellness room
  • A glazed observation lounge upstairs, allowing visual access to the main laboratory space

1 – Lobby atrium

Office cafeteria

2 – Multipurpose lunch room / auditorium

View of the laboratory from the observation lounge

3 – View of the laboratory from the upstairs observation lounge


The laboratory space is broken up into 2 zones:

  • Main laboratory with 35ft ceilings
  • High bay zone with 50ft ceilings

Site Plan

Site Plan Layout Drawing

Facility Layout (with photo vantage points)

Viewpoint #4 – Main Laboratory (front of lab looking South)

Industrial Laboratory

  1. Fluidized beds 
  2. Spray booth with Phase Doppler Interferometer
  3. Elevated lead bunker for X-ray imaging

Viewpoint #5 – Main Laboratory (front of lab looking North)

Industrial Laboratory

  1. 10m water channel
  2. Geotechnical centrifuges
  3. Analytical laboratory

Viewpoint #6 – Main Laboratory (centre of lab looking East)

Industrial Laboratory


  1. Elevated fluidized bed in lead enclosure with X-ray imaging
  2. Fluidized bed with Jet nozzle Bed Interaction (JBI) measurement array
  3. Elevated fluidized bed with UV particle tracing


Viewpoint #7 – Main Laboratory (centre of lab looking West)

Industrial Laboratory


  1. 1.2m diameter scrubbing tower apparatus
  2. Mixing and wear assessment loop


Viewpoint #8 – Main Laboratory (centre of lab looking North)

Industrial Laboratory


  1. Mixing and wear assessment piping loop
  2. Geotechnical settling columns 
  3. Small diameter fluidized bed

Viewpoint #9 – Main Laboratory (High Bay Zone)

Industrial Laboratory


  1. High Bay zone with 50ft ceiling
  2. Multi phase separation apparatus and flow loop
  3. Materials and vessel parts storage


Viewpoint #10 – Workshop and Warehouse

Workshop and warehouse


  1. Acrylic vessel fabrication capabilities
  2. Woodworking panel, scroll, and band saws, routers and planes
  3. Metalworking tools, welding, plasma cutting, lathe and 3 axis mill
  4. Materials, equipment and sample storage