customized instruments

The Coanda team has been designing and building custom research equipment for experimentation purposes for our on-site laboratories as well as for client sites for nearly three decades. Combining this experience with our applied technical expertise has led to the development of specialized instruments and unique measurement techniques.

While every situation differs, there are commonalities in needing quality data on which to base decisions.

The following systems are available for purchase, and can be customized to suit application-specific requirements and constraints.

Current products

Phosphorescent Tracer Probes

By UV-charging phosphorescent particles, injecting them into a fluidized bed, and detecting the concentration with an array of Coanda optical probes, one can fully characterize solids circulation in a cold-flow fluidized bed experiment.

Local densitometry

Our “density insertion probe” or DIP stick, provides a local density measurement through the same principle as a nuclear densitometer. Since the source is very close to the scintillator, it is functional with a radioactive source below the exemption limit: it can be sold and used without a license from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Committee. It can be traversed across a pipe or vessel to find density as a function of position.


Product Enquiry

If you are interested in receiving more information on any of the above instruments and systems, please get in touch by filling in this form. A member of our technical team will contact you to discuss your application, its requirements, and explore suitable instrumentation customizations to provide you with the most suitable solution.