Cleantech is Bigger Than You Think

Posted on July 29, 2021

CleanTech is bigger than you think…

While #cleantech often conjures up images of #windturbines and #solarpanels, the term ‘cleantech’ actually considers all technology that lessens the environmental impact associated with energy production.

The aim of cleantech is to reduce the impact of energy production on air, land, and water, along with the associated ecosystems they support.

As a result, cleantech applications are broad, with examples in all of the conventional #energy sectors. Examples of cleantech include advanced instrumentation for the detection of small releases of #greenhousegases, data science models for optimization of energy consumption in conventional energy plants, and #microbiology that has been engineered to remove pollutants from water used during energy production.

Enabling these complex cleantech solutions requires a broad set of competencies, covering a range of pure and applied sciences. Coanda’s integrated offering includes advanced #mathematics, #fluiddynamics , #chemicalengineering , chemistry, and microbiology.

Our long-running expertise in these disciplines has led to significant advances in the commercialization efforts of many cleantech innovators.

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