The Cleantech Industry

Posted on February 23, 2021

The Cleantech industry faces a number of technical challenges. Our broad knowledge in key areas of pure and applied science, and engineering allows Coanda to successfully support companies in a variety of ways:

  • Scale up their existing offerings
  • Help ongoing development of their products
  • Achieve their energy efficiency intents
  • Work towards sustainable use of resources
  • Target their commercialization efforts

Past projects have included conventional abiotic and biological platforms, focusing on retrofits to existing infrastructure, or enabling of new technology. We have helped recent clients achieve measurable results in biofuel integration, CO2 sequestering, and energy efficiency.

Each specific challenge requires a tailored approach, which may include any combination of scaled physical models, mathematical modeling, process conceptualization and screening, computational fluid mechanics, instrumentation development, or analytical chemistry. Consistent with our standard approach, our team of over 30 PhD scientists and 50 supporting technical staff never lose sight of the prize, and all Cleantech projects are executed with a focus on the commercial end game.

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