Cleantech Innovation

Posted on September 23, 2021

Clean Technology (‘cleantech’) includes innovations to facilitate the transition from conventional fuels to non-conventional sources that have less of a negative impact on the environment. These include technologies for processing #renewable feedstocks, and for the valorization of waste plastics, to name a few.

Whereas conventional fuel processing, such as the refining of fossil fuels, have centuries of operating history, these new cleantech processes have very little, if any, time on stream. As the initial technical challenges associated with cleantech process flowsheets and unit designs are overcome, a suite of new ones are encountered as these novel processes are commissioned and come online. Given the lack of experience with the issues encountered, the root cause must be uncovered as the first step to finding a solution. With no historical starting point to rely upon, a first-principles approach is required to unpack these problems.

Through the application of advanced chemical and mathematical analyses, physical modeling, and laboratory testing, Coanda has been successful in supporting conventional fuel processing companies as they encounter novel issues in transitioning to cleantech alternatives.

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