Specialty Cleantech Equipment

Posted on November 23, 2021

The cleantech sector continues to identify many novel processes, materials, and chemistries that promise to reduce global dependencies on non-renewable resources.
Unlike the historical counterparts they hope to displace, these concepts often lack the fundamental scientific description needed to engineer solutions based upon the basic innovation. Physical properties, chemical definitions, and thermodynamic descriptions are required for viable cleantech processes and products to be developed.
A barrier to gathering these data is the absence of appropriate measuring equipment suited for the unique materials being developed. Innovation is also required in developing measurement techniques and devices to characterize the materials of interest.

For example, a purification process based on volatility for a novel material cannot be designed without understanding the governing thermodynamics, as a function of process conditions. For complex, ill-defined chemical matrices this can be very difficult. We have developed equipment to address such challenges, allowing the required thermodynamic data to be collected, the design equations to be developed, and the commercial design to be completed.

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