Alex Rigby

Alex Rigby Ph.D.


Dr Rigby’s background is in experimental physics. She received both her undergraduate physics degree and graduate DPhil degree (Ph.D. equivalent) from the University of Oxford, UK. Her doctoral research focused on experimental laser-plasma physics, investigating the role of magnetic fields in astrophysically relevant plasmas, resulting in “Nature Physics” and “Physics of Plasmas” journal publications. She is experienced at experimentally diagnosing fluid-like turbulent plasmas using a variety of laser-based diagnostics.

Her experience with instrumenting and troubleshooting complicated experiments lends itself well to Coanda’s instrumentation needs where bespoke is the norm. Her strong mathematical and computational background have been applied to a variety of projects at Coanda, from wildland fire prediction to performance analysis of an industrial process.

Alex joined Coanda Burnaby in 2018 and is now part of the data science and instrumentation groups.


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