Danuta Sztukowski P.hD., P.Eng.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Sztukowski received her BSc and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Alberta. Over her 20 year career, Danuta has held positions at both Shell and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., varying from technology and concept development to site and regulatory support. She has executed the technical analysis of a number of large-scale pilot plants related to flotation, froth treatment, non-aqueous extraction and novel methods for the characterization of coarse tailings material segregation. In her most recent role, Danuta worked on several projects supporting closure and reclamation development of oil sands mining facilities, focusing on fundamental understanding of bio-geochemical processes in tailings deposits.

In her career, Danuta has applied her in-depth fundamental knowledge in thermodynamics and process engineering to develop sustainable and economically viable solutions for process industry. She recognizes that successful solutions can only be developed by incorporating insights from all disciplines relevant to the specific issue, e.g., most recently from the fields of microbiology, geochemistry, and soil mechanics. In addition, the incorporation of non-technical risk aspects such as stakeholder and regulatory engagements are critical. This often requires the translation of technical information to less technical audiences, which leads to both improved quality of work and the development of trust with external stakeholders.

Dr. Sztukowski’s extensive career includes multiple presentations, publications, technical reports and articles spanning over two decades of public engagements.

Danuta joined the Coanda team in 2024 and is based at our Calgary location. She has been a registered Professional Engineer with APEGA since 2008.