Advanced Instrumentation Development

Posted on May 21, 2021

Jeff Mottershead heashot


Why should you trust your data?
Having the right instrumentation for an experiment is key to achieving reliable measurements. Coanda is constantly acquiring, optimizing, and developing new measurement techniques, applied to single and multi-phase flows, including non-Newtonian fluids.

Some of the key measurement techniques we routinely use include:
• phase doppler interferometry
• particle vision microscopy
• laser induced fluorescence
• x-ray diffraction
• ultrasonic instrumentation
• nuclear densitometry

Our team has expertise in imaging and spectroscopy:
• visible light
• near infrared
• ultraviolet
• x-rays

We specialize in developing advanced instrumentation, custom techniques and equipment to acquire quality measurements, such as the pictured 32-channel fast-response conductivity probe we’re developing in-house.

Frequently, a process requires a measurement to be made on moving parts, necessitating high precision. Motion control at Coanda has enabled projects to support accurate material injections, strict control of mixers, and micron resolution control of traverses for x-ray scans.

We provide quality measurements that support challenging and novel applications.

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