Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering publishes Coanda paper

Posted on November 24, 2009

Darwin Kiel

Our Physical Modeling team’s white paper has been published by the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering.

The paper outlines the application of Physical Modeling techniques developed by Coanda in collaboration with Syncrude Canada to optimize of a primary separation vessel feedwell.

A physical modeling program was undertaken to assess and eliminate a significant vessel wear problem observed in a primary separation vessel used in the recovery of bitumen from oil sands. A 1:20 scale model was fabricated, and process rates and materials were selected on the basis of dimensional analysis. Experiments showed that the existing feedwell produced poor circumferential distribution and formed a localised jet that entered the vessel over a narrow sector. Tests were then conducted with several different modifications to the feedwell to improve the flow distribution. The final design produced uniform circumferential distribution and a modest improvement in model separation efficiency. This design has been in commercial service for several years and has eliminated the local wear problems.

The full paper can be accessed on the Wiley Library website here (subscription required):

The use of physical modeling in the optimisation of a primary separation vessel feedwell


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