Fluidized Bed

Posted on February 15, 2017

Portable Modular Fluidized Bed Apparatus

Coanda was contracted by the University of British Columbia to design and build a fluidized bed that could travel to universities across the continent. The purpose of this traveling bed is to provide universities with a standard fluidized bed on which they can test and compare various measurement techniques. Many universities were consulted on the design to make sure the apparatus was flexible enough to accommodate many different measurement techniques while maintaining simplicity to ensure easy assembly and consistent operation.

The resulting design is an extremely flexible turn key fluidized bed that is quick to assemble and very robust. Some of the features of this design include an interchangeable distributor plate that can be changed without de-inventorying the bed, pressure and temperature sensors throughout, sample ports, a fluidization gas delivery system that controls temperature and humidity, data acquisition system, a particle filtration system that removes fines before they are discharged into the room and a crating system that facilitates safe shipping from location to location.

Fluidized Bed Specifications:

  • Dense Bed Diameter (ID): 0.133m (5.25″)
  • Dense Bed Height: 1m
  • Freeboard Diameter(ID): 0.190m (7.5″)
  • Freeboard Height: 1m
  • Bed overall height: 3m to 3.5m (can be adjusted 0.5m in 25mm increments)
  • Dense Bed Superficial Velocity Range: 0.1m/s to 1.0m/s
  • Max Bed Pressure: 10psig
  • Particle Sets: FCC (25µm-100µm) and sand (50µm-300µm)