Sediment Transport Flume

Posted on May 15, 2017

Modelling Rivers

Coanda was contracted by the University of British Columbia to design and build a tilting sediment transport flume. The purpose of this flume is to study river flows and erosion and therefore the base of the channel will be filled with varying sizes of rock or sediment.


These kinds of experiments require good visual access from the side and therefore the design incorporates large span transparent side panels and tough base panels. The tilting of this channel is accomplished through a single lifting location and a single fixed height pivot location. The channel section consists of 3 structural sections designed to support the load of the channel while providing as much visual access as possible.

Channel Specifications:

Channel Length: 18m
Channel Width: 1.0m
Channel Depth: 0.8m
Channel Adjustable Grade: 0 to 8% (positive)
Flow Rate Range: 0 – 300L/s


Click this link for a short video of work completed using this flume (link navigates off site):
The University of British Columbia – sediment transport flume