Conor Fleming DPhil, P.Eng.


Dr Conor Fleming has been a member of Coanda’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) team since 2020. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Galway, Ireland, and a doctorate in engineering science from the University of Oxford. In his doctoral research he used CFD to investigate tidal turbine performance in a variety of representative ocean flow conditions.

Subsequently, Conor worked as a tunnel ventilation engineer on road and metro projects in the UK, Middle East and North America, where he gained experience across the project lifecycle from concept design to commissioning. He is skilled at 1D and 3D numerical modeling of thermal comfort and fire safety scenarios, as well as ventilation tracer tests, pan fire tests and tunnel flow rate measurement. He has contributed to several World Road Association technical reports relating to road tunnel ventilation and safety.

At Coanda, Conor specializes in complex ventilation applications including tunnels, underground car parks, buildings and industrial facilities. He also works on a broader variety of multiphase flow challenges relating to mixing vessels, heat exchangers and slurry hydrotransport.

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