Big Picture Development

Process engineering is concerned with the design, operation, control, and optimization of industrial processes. A ‘process’ is comprised of a series of ‘process units’, each with a defined function. The application of process engineering requires a holistic ‘big picture’ view of the process under study.

While a process engineering approach is an obvious requirement when troubleshooting an existing process or developing a new one, Coanda recognizes the advantage of integrating this viewpoint into all of its projects, since the root cause or solution to a particular problem may lie outside of the individual process unit that may be the focus of a particular study.

Support for Existing Processes and Innovation for New Ones

The challenge with developing a new process is how to arrange the existing ‘pots and pans’ that are the individual process units to achieve the desired overall purpose. Due to the vast number of process units, the process engineering solution is rarely unique, and experience is required to quickly reduce the number of options to a manageable set for further development.

Coanda has this experience.


The challenge is even greater when new technology is concerned. Through a combination of in-house resources, external alliances and collaborative partnerships, Coanda is able to provide process engineering services leading to creative new flowsheets to support third party innovations.


Coanda has provided process engineering support to established multi-national companies, and to upstart innovators. The services offered include:

  • Flowsheet screening and troubleshooting
  • Development of control schemes
  • Development of process and instrumentation diagrams
  • Generation of heat and material balances
  • Generation of process engineering packages including process and instrumentation diagrams, and process flow diagrams.