Big Data

Posted on April 27, 2021

Neville Dubash headshot

Data has become far more abundant and accessible in the modern world. Whether this data is from instruments in an industrial plant, remote sensors, or customer transactions, it can contain a wealth of information for a business. In parallel, statistical methods and Artificial Intelligence algorithms have seen a period of rapid advancement resulting in a huge variety of data analytics and predictive analysis methods becoming available.

A core part of the problem-solving process we develop and apply is the gathering, handling, and interpretation of data through which the fundamentals underpinning the problem can be uncovered. To support this approach, Coanda offers technical personnel and hardware, including PhD-level mathematicians and physicists that are versed in the most recent Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques and housing an 800+ core High Power Computing cluster.

Leveraging Coanda’s experience and significant infrastructure allows our clients from a variety of industries to generate insights, identify patterns and extract correlations from large data sets to gain new levels of understanding.

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