Coanda Scientist to present paper at Process Development Symposium (Toronto ON, Jun 6-8 2017)

Posted on May 31, 2017

portrait of Clara Gomez

Burnaby, BC – Coanda

Coanda Research is excited to announce that one of its lead Engineering Scientists, Dr. Clara Gomez, has been invited to present at the AICHE’s 2017 Process Development Symposium Toronto Ontario, June 6-8 2017.

Dr. Gomez, who is also Vice-President of the NAMF council, will present a paper in collaboration with Dr. Barry Bara from Syncrude Canada entitled: Scale Up of Fluid Fine Tailings Flocculation Using Dynamic Mixing. This paper highlights the advantages of using a Dynamic mixer to introduce non-Newtonian polymer flocculants into Fluid Fine Tailings streams through bench scale test all the way through to pilot scale experiments.

We now have a protocol and understanding that enables us to continue the development of dynamic mixing technology for tailings flocculation at small scales. This allows for efficient and cost effective development in the laboratory rather than at field scales” Dr. Gomez, Lead Engineering Scientist.

Further details can be found on the AICHE website by clicking the link below (navigates off site):

About Coanda:

Coanda is an industrial research and development company devoted to supporting innovation in the field of fluid dynamics and process engineering. With over 60 employees located in its offices and laboratories in Vancouver (BC), Edmonton (AB) and Calgary (AB), Coanda offers extensive capabilities in physical modelling, computational fluid dynamics, analytical modelling and instrumentation development; helping industries to solve their most complex fluid dynamics problems.