Flashing Nozzle Numerical Model

Posted on December 14, 2021

Neville Dubash headshot

A model for flashing flow through nozzles
Flashing flow through a nozzle has been well-studied in the literature; however, flashing flow including two liquids with solids present through a pressure letdown device is not well understood, and this is still an area of active research.

A client asked us to provide preliminary guidance on the design of nozzles for a process with just such a multiphase feed. We developed a mathematical model, a ternary mixture model, for the flashing behaviour of a multiphase multicomponent stream flowing through a nozzle.

The model was validated against data found in literature. It was able to accurately estimate the behaviour and performance of the nozzle, given the geometry and process conditions. It was then used to investigate different design options and how the composition of the multiphase mixture affected outcomes. Using the model, several nozzle designs were developed. These designs were scrutinized in more detail using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to ultimately develop a nozzle design robust enough to meet all of the client’s needs. The final nozzle design was patented and is being used in production with performance exceeding the client’s expectations.

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