Manufacturing Techniques

Posted on October 19, 2021

Physical modeling can play an integral part of solving our clients’ problems. Each project presents unique requirements that may entail specific materials or manufacturing methods. Coanda’s in-house capabilities are augmented by a global network of manufacturing partners allowing us to select the most appropriate fabrication technique to meet function, cost, and timeline.

Our breadth of knowledge and experience—gained through years of designing and constructing research equipment—spans a multitude of traditional techniques including:
· CNC machined mechanical parts
· Laser cut sheet metal assemblies
· Wire EDM complex flow paths in nozzles
· Metal casting lead parts for radiation shielding

Coanda also employs non-traditional methods to overcome specific issues, such as when needing visual access inside a model. We frequently develop parts, ranging in size from valves a few cm across to process tanks over 4m in diameter, made from transparent materials including acrylic and glass.

For projects requiring fast turnaround or quick design iterations, Coanda’s team leverages the latest rapid prototyping tools to rapidly move designs from CAD models to functional parts using 3D printing.

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