Suncor Sustainability Report

Posted on August 10, 2021

Amarehb-Sorta headshot Scott Webster

We’re proud to be mentioned in Suncor’s 2020 report on #Sustainability for the work we have been doing with them researching Non-Aqueous Extraction of bitumen.

[…] we are pursuing new technologies to reduce the need for water in bitumen extraction from mining operations. Currently, warm water is used to separate bitumen from the sands. By replacing that water with an alternative solvent, we have the potential to significantly reduce tailings, costs, and our GHG emissions. We have progressed early engineering of the field demonstration unit and technology work continues with […] COANDA Research and Development[…]

This collaboration is paving the way to more sustainable extraction methodologies by not only reducing water usage but to potentially avoid tailings ponds altogether through the production of dry tailings.

Turn to page 65 of the report to read more:

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