The Application of Fluid Dynamics

Posted on November 26, 2020

Trevor Hilderman headshot

The many applications of fluid dynamics make it one of the most vital and fundamental of all engineering and applied scientific fields.

The flow of fluids in pipes, channels, vessels, and heat exchangers makes fluid dynamics of importance to civil and chemical engineers, while the study of fluid machinery such as pumps, compressors, jet and rocket engines is of importance to mechanical engineers.

The flow of air over objects, or aerodynamics, is of fundamental interest to aeronautical and space engineers in the design of aircraft, missiles and rockets. In meteorology, hydrology, and oceanography, the study of fluid motion is basic since the atmosphere and the oceans are fluids.

Finally, some modern engineering disciplines combine fluid dynamics with classical disciplines. For example, magnetohydrodynamics—which is the combination of fluid dynamics and electromagnetic theory—is important in the study of stellar and ionospheric phenomena, as well as new types of energy conversion devices.

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