Technology Readiness Levels

Posted on November 2, 2021

Coanda specializes in advancing technology through the 9 Technology Readiness Levels, which characterize the maturity of an emerging technology or process:

Early conceptual / research work:

TRL1: Basic principles of concept are observed / reported via scientific research and applied R&D.
TRL2: Technology concept / application formulated / invented.
TRL3: Active R&D: Analytical and experimental critical function / proof of concept studies.
Developmental stages:

TRL4: Component validation in laboratory environment, establishing basic technological components will work together.
TRL5: Components are integrated in simulated environment tests.
TRL6: Model or prototype demonstration in simulated environment representing a near desired configuration.
Deployment phase (pre-commercialization gap):

TRL7: Prototype ready for demonstration at appropriate operational levels and environment.
TRL8: Actual technology completed and qualified through tests and demonstrations in its final form at expected conditions.
TRL9: Actual technology proven through successful deployment in operational setting, technology in its final form and under real-life conditions.

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