Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts Ph.D.


Dr. Stephen Roberts obtained his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa. There, he studied gas turbine aerodynamics for both land-based applications and aircraft propulsion, authoring several publications in this area.

Upon his graduation, he joined the product development team at Braebon Medical Corporation in Kanata, Ontario, where he was instrumental in the creation of devices and software used to treat and assist with diagnosis of sleep and cardiac conditions.

Since joining Coanda in 2012, Stephen has applied his knowledge to a variety of challenging problems in industrial fluid mechanics, leading complex experimental programs on behalf of our clients. His areas of expertise include boundary layer flow, gas/liquid multiphase flows, heat and mass transfer, aerosols and sprays, respiratory flow, and vascular flow.

In addition to his research, Stephen is a member of Coanda’s Business Development Office, where he leads Coanda’s commitment to meet the growing needs of the Clean Technology industry. His experience in this area includes many topics of current relevance, including carbon-capture, semi-closed power cycles, gasification, renewable energy technologies, and treatment of industrial waste.

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