Industrial processes and human activities have impacts on the natural environment surrounding them. Minimizing the adverse impacts under normal operating conditions as well as during upsets and emergencies is an important part of the design, operation and management of all of these processes and activities.

Coanda is well-equipped to contribute solutions to all aspects of environmental science and design including:

  • Improved environmentally-friendly process design
  • Emissions source control
  • Release monitoring, including atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emergency planning and response

Primary Concerns

Where the impacts are known, environmental protection is designed into the chemical process through the implementation of process units and technologies. In other cases, where the lack of scientific evidence has led to the contamination of the environment, technology is deployed to address these legacy issues. In any case, it is the very rare exception where the scope associated with addressing environmental issues is not significant. Rather, in many cases it is the dominant cost.


Coanda has been involved in supporting clients across a broad range of industries to address the full spectrum of environmental issues. Focus areas include:

  • Identification of the environmental impact of commercial processes
  • Process and root cause analysis of operational environmental equipment
  • Design of environmental equipment and processes
  • Evaluation of new technologies for the mitigation of environmental impacts
  • Evaluation of remediation technologies for contaminated sites.


Technical Notes

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