A Broad Field

In its broadest sense geotechnical engineering is concerned with behavior of rock and soils when manipulated for human benefits and advancement. A primary focus of the field involves quantifying and predicting the behavior of soils and earth materials when subjected to sustained or periodic forces. Solving problems in geotechnical science is a complex undertaking, since the field exists at the intersection of civil, chemical and mechanical engineering, requiring an understanding of soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, and the behavior of non-Newtonian, time dependent materials, among others.

Committed to Supporting Geotechnical Initiatives

Coanda has invested in personnel, training and infrastructure to be able to support projects in the geotechnical sphere. The company’s staff includes geotechnical engineers, fluid dynamicists, mathematicians, non-Newtonian rheologists and process engineers, all with advanced degrees in their respective specialties.

Coanda has also invested in its measurement capabilities, offering characterization of soils and pseudo-soils by large strain consolidometry (LSC), density profiling using nuclear densitometry, and real time multi-point laser sheet surface profiling of flowing flumes, and other geotechnically relevant techniques. In addition, we also maintain a number of software products that facilitate the application of the ubiquitous but complex mathematical frameworks, such as Gibson’s finite strain theory, to client problems.


Broad Experience

The majority of the projects completed by Coanda in the area of geotechnical science have been focused on tailings treatment and its long term behavior. These projects have involved the application of physical modeling, mathematical modeling, and flowsheet development. Topics have included:

  • Evaluation of new tailings treatment processes
  • Design and construction of geotechnical equipment for thirds parties
  • Physical modeling of tailings in large scale flumes
  • Mathematical modeling of the long term consolidation behavior of treated tailings
  • Development of index tests to assess the long term geotechnical behavior of treated tailings
  • Characterization of the geotechnical properties of treated tailings.

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