Project Partner – Pocock Industrial

Posted on February 10, 2021

Although Coanda maintains a highly dynamic team with advanced degrees in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, geotechnical engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, the complexity of the mining issues dictates that additional support is often needed.

This is particularly true given the wide range of industry-specific techniques developed to characterize and size mining process units and equipment. To better serve our clients, Coanda has partnered on a number of projects with Pocock Industrial (, Salt lake City, UT), a company recognized world-wide as an expert in solving solid/liquid separation problems in the mining industry.

The partnership has leveraged Pocock’s expertise and experience with thickeners and standardized testing, with Coanda contributing support on process modeling, experimental design and construction, and data gathering.

The relationship has been particularly useful in addressing the unique challenges introduced by the COVID pandemic, allowing Pocock expertise to be deployed in Canada without the requirement for travel.

We look forward to strengthening this relationship!

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