Application-Specific Instrumentation

Posted on October 21, 2021

Jeff Mottershead heashot

Getting the right #instrumentation for your #experiment is key to collecting meaningful results. Sometimes, that instrument does not yet exist. We have designed and made custom devices to meet a variety of experimental needs:
• much faster time scales in a cold-flow model than its industrial counterpart
• monitoring numerous ports for process optimization
• miniaturized probes that do not affect the flow fields.

Consequently, we often require faster sampling rates and more measurement points than are available commercially.

Some examples of our tailored instruments are:
• fast helium sniffer that traces a gas phase by measuring the thermal conductivity of trace helium
• multi-channel conductivity probe which can record residence times using conductive liquid tracers
• low-profile, adjustably shaped capacitive probe to measure voidage in fluidized beds
• density insertion probe which records the local density in slurries, fluidized beds, and ebullated beds using a small radioactive source
• phosphorescent particle detector that detects the emitted light from UV charged particles to calculate residence times

Look out for future posts, highlighting some of these custom solutions.

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