Sand Tank

Posted on May 15, 2017

Understanding ground water flows

Coanda was contracted by the University of British Columbia to design and build a Ground Water Sand Tank.

The purpose of this tank is to study ground water flow through sediment material under two flow conditions; river flows and tidal flows.

The tank was designed to deliver sediment material into the tank in a natural fashion while preserving the flexibility to control the shape and layering of the sediment. This is accomplished through a programmable sediment delivery system mounted on the top of the tank.

The tidal and river flow conditions are simulated using an instrumented flow loop that can be run manually or automated.

Sand Tank Specifications:

  • Tank Length: 4.0m
  • Tank Width: 1.0m
  • Tank Depth: 1.5m
  • River Flow Rate: 4m3/day
  • Tidal Flow Rate: 12 hour tidal transition