Coanda Scientists to present 4 papers at 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (Toronto ON, Oct 28-31 2018)

Posted on September 7, 2018

Several of our lead Engineering Scientists will be presenting a total of 4 papers at the XXIX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering Incorporating the 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Toronto Ontario, October 28-31 2018.

Drs Ali Vakil, Majid Hosseini and Mohammad Shariati, will be presenting a paper entitled: “Numerical Simulation of Herschel-Bulkley Flows through Pipe Contractions.”

Dr Ali Vakil alongside Amir Khanlou will present: “Numerical Optimization of a Hydrocyclone towards Light Particle Separation Efficiency.”

Drs Konstantin Pougatch, Sean Delfel, Majid Hosseini, and Benny Moyls will be presenting a paper co-authored in collaboration with Adrian Revington, and Ardalan Sadighian, both from Suncor, entitled: “Population Balance Model Development for Slurry Flocculation.”

Drs Konstantin Pougatch, Sean Delfel, and Benny Moyls will also be presenting a second paper co-authored in collaboration with Adrian Revington, and Ardalan Sadighian, both from Suncor, entitled: “FBRM Application to Evaluate Particle Size in Suspensions.”

Stay tuned for upcoming abstracts from these papers.

About Coanda:

Coanda is an industrial research and development company devoted to supporting innovation in the field of fluid dynamics and process engineering. With over 60 employees located in its offices and laboratories in Vancouver (BC), Edmonton (AB) and Calgary (AB), Coanda offers extensive capabilities in physical modelling, computational fluid dynamics, analytical modelling and instrumentation development; helping industries to solve their most complex fluid dynamics problems.